Write a Research Paper about Engineering Entrepreneurship


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Engineering entrepreneurship: Understanding the market values in engineering terms


Learning Outcomes

Describe and discuss the theoretical frameworks and concepts which have been developed to explain entrepreneurial behaviour in engineering context.

Apply various techniques for creating business opportunities in engineering context.

Develop the ability to build and present a business plan for a new engineering ventures, including; financial, supply chain, development team, marketing and production.

Communicate: use oral, written and interpersonal communication to inform, motivate and effect change

Apply critical thinking: evaluate information using critical and analytical thinking and judgment


Task Requirements

All of the world famous entrepreneurs are unique in that they believed in themselves mostly since they were kids and worked towards that goal to success and recognition. Among them, below are the two entrepreneurs/business leaders from two different domains and at top of their fields.

1. Henry Ford – Founder of Ford Motor Company

2. Andreas Von Bechtolsheim –Co-founder of Sun Micro systems

Your task is to do research these two successful entrepreneurs in their respective businesses andm submit a comprehensive research paper which can include a critical research reviews from variety of resources. You must use at least four different types of resources such as books, scholarly articles, reports and internet etc.

Your response to this task should include:

  • An analysis of the characters of entrepreneurs based on their success stories.
  • A justification of the research literature chosen.
  • Your contribution must be sensible, highly focused, feasible and precisely described.

Organization (GLO 2, ULO 2)

Overall, the written report is clear, well organised and while appropriately scoped shows a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the topic and its relevant research methodology.


Introduction is attention-getting. It establishes a clear framework for the report by laying out the problem and its relevance, identifying key aspects of the topic, including its outcomes


Presents information in effective, logical order. Line of reasoning is interesting and easy to follow.


Usesrelevantsubheadingsthroughout enabling readers to move easily through the text and good structure of paragraphs and transitions enhances comprehension and readability


Conclusion succinctly summarizes the outcomes or research results based on the literature and/or actual research, including its strengths and any limitations and offers suggestions for future research or action


Knowledge/Research Base (ULO3, ULO5, ULO6)

Provides good, relevant background information on the topic. Defines technical terms and acronyms clearly, and demonstrates a clear understanding of the topic

The methods section provides essential information about Entrepreneurship and data collection procedures, and in addition might represent a novel and insightful approach to researching the topic

The research output (literature review and/or primary research) demonstrates a robust knowledge of the field that is accurate and current , and has a sharp distinct focus that enhances the impact of the report

Explores the topic in detail and in depth, information is focused, rigorous, and accurate, makes scientifically valid arguments supported by reliable evidence


Critical Thinking (GLO 4)

Uses specific inductive or deductive reasoning to make inferences regarding premises; addresses implications and consequences; identifies facts and relevant information correctly.

Thoroughly identifies and addresses key aspects of the problem and insightfully uses facts and relevant evidence from analysis to support and defend potentially valid solutions

Insightfully interprets information; identifies obvious as well as hidden assumptions, establishes credibility of sources on points other than authority alone

Insightfully relates concepts and ideas from multiple sources; uses new information to enhance chosen solution; recognises missing information; correctly identifies potential effects of new information.

Identifies strengths and weaknesses in own thinking: recognises personal assumptions, values and perspectives, compared to others’, and evaluates them in the context of alternate points of view


Written Presentation (GLO 2, ULO 2)

Compelling evidence from reliable and authoritative sources is given to support claims and are correctly cited in the accepted citation/referencing style.

Quotations are well chosen, correctly cited and effectively framed by the text and explained as needed. Effective choice of illustrations(graphs, tables, images, etc.) that truly enhance understanding of the topic

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