Write a Report Relating to using any Commercial Software to Customise to meet a Clients Requirements.


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  • Detailed Infrastructure of the Software and Required Hardware
  • Required Customization
  • Software Installation
  • User interfaces



Details: Write a report relating to using any commercial software to customise to meet a client’s requirements.

A report needs to be produced to detail the software customization addressing each of the following points:

  • Name the software program (manufacturer and name of programme)
  • Detail what customisation was required by the client and how you achieved the customization including if you had to change code within the program
  • List what operating system the programme is working on and how this could affect the customization (prefer MacOS as that is what I use)
  • List how the client tested the customization and any changes that were required by the client
  • Create a client feedback form relevant to the customization required and have the client complete the form (this needs to be submitted as part of the project)
  • Produce a comprehensive help document for the client or help desk that shows step by step what customization was done so other computers could be customised in the same way and how they could fix any problems should they arise.

The only information provided on marking says:

You will be marked against the following criteria

  1. Relevant software identified
  2. Client requirements identified
  3. Correct communication skills used
  4. Planning and organisation skills used
  5. Organisational procedures followed
  6. All specifications identified
  7. Correct document procedures followed
  8. Ability to design customization
  9. Help documents created
  10. Ability to follow directions
  11. Operating system requirements identified
  12. Research skills



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