Write a Report about Wal-Mart’s Corporate Venturing


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Clearly state why this organisation is considered intrapreneurial


To address the requirement of this assessment task, it is suggested the group follow the following structure:

1. Identify the intrapreneurial organisation.


2. Clearly state why this organisation is considered intrapreneurial


3. Identify the associated CV and mode of corporate venturing this assessment will focus on.


4. Discuss how this organisation develops and manages this specific mode of CV. You should consider the

following areas:

• Management

• Structure

• Process

• Logistics

• Products &/or services

• Unique business formula


5. Identify and justify the organisation’s and CV’s Entrepreneurial Intensity


6. Then pick one or two of the following to further analyse the mode of CV:

• The change process (as the venture was created)

• Business diagnostics

• Obstacles the organisation has faced to set up the corporate venture

• Leadership

• Ethics


7. Based on the analysis, clearly identify why this organisation is successful in its intrapreneurship/corporate venturing


8. Provide recommendations for other firms to implement/copy the unique and successful processes and business operations/formula.


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