Write a Report about Employee Retention


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Impact to Bussiness

Retention Strategies



Report Topics

To locate scholarly articles on a topic (i.e., customer service), do one of the following:

(a)Consult CSU’s business library databases (best source). Our business librarian will provide in-class instructions. (b) Google: “scholarly articles on customer service.” Articles should appear in PDF and/or HTML format.

The topic selected must be one in which two or more mutually exclusive solutions can be identified in scholarly articles. Some suggested topics include:

(a) sabbaticals,(b)Customer service, (c) employee retention, (d) customer retention and attraction, (e) workplace accidents, (f) health care issues (not “cost”), (g) Workplace stress, (h) intellectual property, (i) software piracy, (j) company survival or growth, (k) engagement/performance management, (1) employee conflict management, (m) underperformance management, (n) others (a “real” topic from your company that is not too broad or narrow, and one in which scholarly articles exist)

MESSAGES : Messages will be assigned, typed, and submitted during class hours. Submit a hardcopy to instructor and an electronic copy to Blackboard.

A VARIATION OF A PROBLEM-SOLVING REPORT : Generally, upper-level managers and sometimes subordinates identify internal company problems for which a problem-solving report must be written. The main objective of this major-semester assignment is for students to learn to write a variation of the problem-solving report, which means that they must provide solid evidence to convince upper-level management to implement the recommended solution.

After identifying a topic, students will need to define a problem that in appropriate in scope (not too broad or narrow); has two or more mutually exclusive solutions; other companies have solved the problem; and scholarly research, with sufficient evidence exist on it to support the proposed solutions.

Audience Analysis (Resistant Manager). Students will assume the role of a subordinate (i.e., Jeffrey Stevenson, Assistant Manager)—NOT an internal or external consultant. The report must be written to their manager (i.e., Mrs. Sierra Stanton, Human Resource Manager), who will need solid evidence before being convinced to invest time and money into the proposed solution.

Secondary Research. The research on industry’s best practices (evidence) must come from scholarly journals, trade journals, consulting firms’ research, or government publications (NO textbooks), and all research has to come from published works that are available to the instructor. The evidence (best practices) will be heavily weighted in the grading process and must support the proposed solutions—NOT the problem.

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