Write a Report about Communications and Networking


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  • Connection with network sharing
  • Teamviewer or VNP sharing


Communications and networking

Details: house wiring paper:

For many years, you have had a computer in your 100-year-old plaster-walled 10-foot high ceiling home for all members of the family to use. Recently, however, you added a second computer. You want to connect the two computers so they can share data, the Internet and a printer.Unfortunately, one computer is on the first floor and the second is upstairs.

How are you going to connect these devices together?

List as many possible solutions as you can, with advantages and disadvantages of each. For example, should you use wired or wireless and where? If wired, what kind of wires, where will they go? Can you use existing wiring? If you go wireless, what factors should you take into consideration?


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