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Emerging concepts in Green Logistics

Federal & Global Politics


Write a paper  on a topic of your choice related to global logistics or supply chain management.


Your paper should include the following:


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Topic : Green logistics

Theory of Green Logistics/History

  • Transportation


  • The classic logistics focused on producer­to consumer movement of products, considering transportation, warehousing and inventory management.


Responsibilities/Foundation of emerging Concepts

  • Transportation


  • CO2 emissions have exponentially increased over the last decade due to cities development and population growth.


  • Last United Nations Climate Summit adopted, even unanimously, actions” to reduce CO2 emissions.


Federal & Global Politics

  • Transportation


  • The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme/System (ETS) is a major pillar of EU climate policy.


  • Go­green projects can also meet with administrative barriers.


  • Furthermore, different administrative regulations at the national level impede the smooth running of international rail and sea transport for example the different materials to be used in fire extinguishers (Angheluta & Costea, 2011).



  • Transportation


  • Environmental costs are often “externalised, and mainly or non­govermental organisations press on local communities to invest for landscape improvement.




Challenges, Trends & Recommendations

  • Transportation


  • The issue of environmental technologies and alternative sources of fuls are very complex not only from a technical point of view, but mainly for customers, governmental/local authority and investors financial behaviour.


  • Apart from the lacking availability of some alternative fuels, also the current fuel supply infrastructure is adapted to traditional fuels like gasoline and diesel gas.


  • The storage of alternative for long period of time requires certain storage conditions, and cannot be mixed with traditional fuels.


  • Park of motorised road vehicles has a substantial contribution to air pollution, also to congestion for traffic accidents.


  • Long­term and large investment for rail transports­in general advantageous in environmental terms compared with trucks and planes­ is another major priority.


  • Until now for the shipping sector one of the most important barriers to take­up environmental technologies was the lacking of legal framework and the political approaches toward emission reduction.


  • The aviation industry is confronted with the problem of combatting of all air noxas and noise.



  • Transportation


  • The combination of road and rail transport via truck­rail­wagons can also be rendered difficult, using nowadays rail standards.


  • Go­green schemes must be adapted to the applicable solution both of the city level anor transport forwarder.


  • Future-oriented for environmentally friendly solutions does not need to be concerned in alternative fuels or vehicle issues but also food storage and temperature sensitive goods.


  • Go-­Green approach is revolutionary because it is based on new legal­adminsitrative regulations and politically­based decisions.


  • An alternative or additional measure to command and control measures are Emissionsl Trading Scheme, which leaves even more leeway to the manufacturers and users of transport vehicles.


  • The basic conclusion were that environmental approach is an individual and collective task.


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