Write a Essay about “Latin American Economy”


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Reasons for Latin America Economy lagging behind



Choose one (1) of the those essay questions:

Possible Essay Topics

1.   Explore the main implications of the European Union extending its membership to include the former                            communist countries of central and eastern Europe. Consider the implications for the business world and in so           doing, consider the various aspects of the business environment.


2.   The countries of Latin America often seem to be held back from achieving their economic potential.                                 Investigate the possible reasons for this hindrance. Consider the patchwork of regional integration across                     North, South and Central America and discuss the prospects for a possible future Free Trade Area of the                         Americas.


3    With reference to their recent economic performance, investigate the likelihood of countries in South-East Asia            becoming significant players in the global economy in the next few years. Consider the possible implications                for the role of the US dollar and the policies of international institutions such as the IMF and WTO, if China                  becomes the dominant world economic power in the next few years.


4.    An emerging phenomenon in sub-Saharan Africa is the economic growth being experienced in some of the                    region’s poorest countries. Investigate and discuss the extent to which this economic growth can be described              an ‘African economic renaissance’. Consider recent FDI in Africa and evaluate the arguments for and against                modern ‘scramble for Africa’ by China and other investing countries, from an African perspective.


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