Write a Case Study for Quality Management Plan for Patient at Radiology Department


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A case study for Quality Management Plan for patient at radiology department

*DR Scenario 1:
A patient from a non-English speaking background arrives at the Medical Imaging department for a CT scan of his abdomen. The patient has been instructed to fast for 4hrs prior to scan time and to arrive in the department 1 hour earlier than the scan time to check his consent form, to drink oral contrast and to be cannulated for IV contrast. The patient is placed on the scan table and injected with contrast and has an immediate near-fatal anaphylactic reaction. The resuscitation team is called and the patient is resuscitated and taken to ICU. The patient dies 2 days later from further complications. The patient’s relatives are extremely distressed and make a complaint to the hospital

General Aim and Objectives:

This module aims to provide an introduction to Quality Management in Medical Radiation Sciences

At the end of the module, you should be better able to:

a)Appreciate the need for a quality management programme in a medical radiations department.                                   b)Understand the place of the quality system in maintaining the quality service in medical radiations.                           c)Describe the fundamentals of a quality management system.                                                                                                   d)Understand the roles of various national and international accreditation systems for the MRS professions including:

  • NATA
  • EquiP
  • ISO


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