Why is Study of Identity Important in Iterpersonal Communication?


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Explain Communication Theory of Identity


1.Explain Communication Theory of Identity. In your explanation, include (a) key concepts and their definitions, (b) how the key terms/concepts influence one another, and (c) the assumptions/characteristics of Communication Theory of Identity regarding communication. Also, incorporate an example that runs throughout your response to illustrate each of the abstract ideas you are explaining. Sources that must be incorporated into your response are: Chapter 2 of Guerrero et al. (2014), Hecht (1993), and Murray and Kennedy-Lightsey (2013); these sources must be used to support your arguments and explanations.

2.Why is studying identity important in interpersonal communication? You may address the benefits of understanding how identity is reflected, enacted, changed through communication, the social implications of the research, how it is related to health and/or relational quality, etc. Do not just enumerate the benefits, explain what they are, why they are important, and provide evidence from the readings to demonstrate the research that has provided this “benefit”.


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