Why Did You Choose Apple Company?


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Comprehensive Overview of company and its history


The research paper must be 6 pages, APA format.You will include a cover sheet and reference page. Be sure to number the pages, center the title ‘Apple: An Overview’
This research paper will focus on the following:
1. Why did you choose this company?
2. Comprehensive Overview of company and its history
3. Primary competitors
4. SWOT Analysis
Here’s my answer for question one: I chose this company because I like their products and I admire Steve Jobs for being the Thomas Edison of the 21st century, an innovator, and visionary. You will incorporate my answer to question one in the research paper. The research paper cannot contain any tables, graphics, and charts. Be sure to include all citations, page numbers, etc, etc, and use scholarly sources and references. The research paper itself must be scholarly.
Also, put this heading in the upper left-hand corner of the paper:
Logistics Specialization Portfolio MGT 492


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