Why are some companies’ HR strategies inadequate?


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Topic 1: Employee Health and Safety

Topic 2: Labor Relations

Topic 3: Measuring HR Outcomes: Metrics and the Bottom Line

Topic 4: HR and Mergers and Acquisitions

Topic 5: HR and Downsizing

Topic 6: HR and the High-Tech Firm

Topic 7: HR and Globalization

Topic 8: HR and Organizational Strategy


HRM Lesson 8

Topic 1: Labor Relations

Our topic today is Labor Relations. Back in the 1920’s and the 1930’s especially, manufacturing was a wild and wooly place. The workplace was essentially unregulated and violence was not unusual. In fact, even resulting in murder in some cases.

Management basically had total authority, and workers had to comply with management directives. But that was horribly unfair, and over time, labor unions grew up.


Topic 2: Unions

In this module, we’re going to look at the birth and growth of labor unions because they grew essentially to give employees a collective voice, that they could have kind of an equal say against the mandates of management. But over time, union-management relations became problematic and legislation was required to manage it.


Topic 3: Labor Acts

Also in this module we are going to look at the major pieces of labor relations legislation over the last 75 years or so. The first was the Railroad Labor Act of 1926, followed by Norris-LaGuardia Act, the Wagoner Act came along, and probably the most important of the legislation was the National Labor Relations act which happened in 1947. Taft- hartley act of 1947, and the Landrum-Griffin act of 1959 essentially fleshed out all of the legislation that had to do with labor-management relations.


Topic 4: Management

NLRA, the Nation Labor Relations Act probably controls most aspects of union management relations better than all of the other legislations combined. The governing union management legislation, how it actually plays out in practice, how unions can be certified, or decertified, and how some non-contract issues such as dispute resolution and progressive discipline are managed in the workplace.


Second assignment 

Question 1

Why do you think having an HR strategy is important for a company?


Question 2

Why are some companies’ HR strategies inadequate?


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