Which of the following lists orders the electromagnetic spectrum correctly from longest to shortest wavelength

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Which of the following IS one of Newton’s laws of motion


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Possibly useful formulae and numbers:



1) Which of the following IS one of Kepler’s laws of planetary motion?

a) velocities are constant unless a force acts

b) for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

c) The line between a planet and the sun sweeps out equal areas in equal times

d) all colors of the rainbow travel with the same speed

e) force equals mass times acceleration


2) Which of the following IS one of Newton’s laws of motion?

a) P2 = a3

b) velocities are constant unless a force acts

c) The line between a planet and the sun sweeps out equal areas in equal times

d) Planets travel in elliptical orbits

e) All orbits are circular with the sun at the center


3) What time of day does the full moon set?

a) midnight

b) dawn

c) sunset

d) noon

e) 3pm

Explain your reasoning:


4) Which one of the following wavelength regions must be observed from above the Earth’s atmosphere?

a) X-ray

b) radio

c) visible

d) near infrared


5) Which of the following lists orders the electromagnetic spectrum correctly from longest to shortest wavelength?

a) visible gamma-ray ultraviolet radio x-ray

b) gamma-ray radio visible ultraviolet x-ray

c) ultraviolet infrared visible radio x-ray

d) radio infrared visible ultraviolet x-ray

e) ultraviolet infrared radio ultraviolet x-ray


6) The unique spectral fingerprint of an element is determined by

a) blackbody radiation emitted when an element is heated

b) the energy levels that its electrons can occupy

c) the number of electrons emitted per second

d) the temperature of intervening gas

e) the local gravitational field


7) The pattern of fringes produced by the red laser beam passing through a pair of slits is an example of

a) spectral lines

b) refraction

c) reflection

d) diffraction

e) interference


8) Visible light photons of different colors have different .

a) wavelengths

b) frequencies

c) energies

d) all of the above


9) When you have a fever, the peak of your body’s blackbody radiation is shifted to slightly

a) longer wavelength

b) shorter wavelength

c) lower energy

d) redder color

e) higher orbit


10) The heliocentric model of the solar system was first proposed by

a) Aristarchus of Samos, 200 BC

b) Galileo, 1610 AD

c) Kepler, 1600 AD

d) Aristotle, 350 BC

e) Ptolemy, 150 AD


11) When we see Mars during its retrograde motion, it means

a) Mars is passing through one of its epicycles

b) Mars is overtaking the Earth as they orbit around the Sun

c) Earth is overtaking Mars as they orbit around the Sun

d) Mars and Earth are on opposite sides of the Sun

e) none of the above


12) If an astronaut lands on Jupiter (the largest planet in the solar system),

a) Her mass and weight would both be more than on Earth

b) Only her mass is more, her weight would be the same as on Earth

c) Her weight is more, and her mass stays the same as on Earth

d) Both her mass and weight would be less because Jupiter is farther from the Sun


13) The Earth is tilted on its axis by 23 degrees; if instead, the tilt of the Earth’s axis were zero degrees (completely upright), which of the following would be true?

a) the summer would be hotter and winter colder

b) there would be no seasons

c) the length of the day would be shorter

d) the length of the year would be longer

e) all of the above

Explain your reasoning:


14) The element first discovered in the Sun’s spectrum in 1868 (and eventually on Earth years later) is:

a) solarium

b) aluminum

c) technetium

d) hydrogen

e) helium


15) Radio waves

a) are a form of light

b) are a form of sound

c) cause tsunamis

d) are emitted by eclipses

e) all of the above


16) Which of the following is NOT a discovery of Galileo

a) Jupiter’s moons

b) Phases of Venus

c) Milky Way is made of individual stars

d) Stellar parallax

e) Mountains on the Moon


17) You measure the wavelength of an absorption line in the spectrum of a star as 5180 Angstroms (green). The rest (laboratory) wavelength is 5168 Angstroms; you can deduce from this measurement that the star is:

a) moving towards the Earth

b) moving away from Earth

c) cooler than the Sun

d) hotter than the Sun

e) about to explode

Explain your reasoning:


18) What is the diameter of the Earth?

a) 150,000 kilometers

b) 80000 miles

c) 93,000,000 miles

d) 100000 kilometers

e) 8000 miles


19) Suppose a new asteroid is discovered orbiting the Sun at a distance of 4 AU. How long does it take the asteroid to orbit the Sun once? (Hint: use the simple version of Kepler’s 3rd law from the front page).

a) 1 years

b) 2 years

c) 4 years

d) 8 years

e) 10 years


20) And how bright does the Sun appear to be as seen from the asteroid in the above question compared to the Sun as seen from Earth? (Hint: inverse square law).

a) same brightness

b) 4 times brighter

c) 4 times fainter

d) 16 times brighter

e) 16 times fainter


21) If we see a waxing crescent Moon in the Bay Area at night, in Australia they will see a:

a) waning gibbous moon

b) waxing gibbous moon

c) waning crescent moon

d) waxing crescent moon

e) new moon

Explain your reasoning:


22) What happens when an electron in an atom absorbs a photon?

a) The electron moves to a higher energy level.

b) The electron moves to a lower energy level.

c) The electron moves to the nucleus.

d) The electron turns into a proton.


Draw a picture to explain your reasoning:



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