When did the NovoPay project management accept that it had failed?

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How do you know the system it is ready to ‘Go Live’?”


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Critical System Changeover Process, Analysis of the NovoPay failure

The NovoPay system is an example of software development project failure. The purpose of this assignment is for you to analyse this project and be able to identify what, where, when, why and how this failure occurred. Following that, to propose how the actual changeover from the previous payroll system to NovoPay would have reduced the impact of failure.

With this knowledge, you should be able to identify key indicators of projects in trouble, be able to develop a correction strategy and, if you are ever in a situation of having to deploy a risky software project, manage it to minimise the impact of that risk to the users.



1. Summarise the NovoPay failure and provide a timeline of events (what and when).


2. Was NovoPay a Safety Critical, Mission Critical or normal software project? Explain your answer. What would the consequences be if the NovoPay problems that became apparent in immediately after deployment were never fixed?


3. When did the NovoPay project management accept that it had failed?


4. What was the recovery plan and what were the conditions required to continue development on NovoPay rather than abandoning it and replacing it with the previous system?


5. What, why, how, who and when was project monitoring put in place so this decision (4 above) was made based on reliable data?


6. Give 2 alternative project implementation process scenarios that could have avoided this failure. Include in this section key strategies you would use for the project management and a low-risk critical system deployment. Answer the question “How do you know the system it is ready to ‘Go Live’?”


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