What Tools/Promotions Will Store Owners have to Promote Their Stores or Their Products?

What Tools/Promotions Will Store Owners have to Promote Their Stores or Their Products?


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How will store owners get paid after a sale?


This is a scenario between the website’s owner and the developers. The developers ask about some issues regarding the website and they need the owner to answer these questions. And according to these answers the website will be designed.

Would you please provide a market list with details, such as fashion, cars, real estates, etc.

1.Based on our experience in building marketplaces (B2C or B2B), we found that this model facilitates enterprises to enter new marketplaces without making larger investments. However, many legal and tax-related hurdles needs to be covered in many situations eg. vendor payments, inventory management, fulfillment process and customer service etc. These are especially challenging in international situations. These issues would need to be discussed earlier so the scope of the project is clarified.


2.There are 3 defined roles that needs to be fleshed out: customer (one who browses and purchases), the vendor (the store owner who manages the store, inventory and fulfillment, and the admin (the marketplace manager who monitors and resolves issues with any website related events). We would require to understand their roles in more details.


3.The role of the website manager is quite large and requires continuous monitoring, promotions, marketing and good customer service to keep the site visibility strong. Tools would need to be provided to allow for such activities. These would require regular support and maintenance work.


4.The proposal aims to establish commercial channels for B2B and B2C enterprises (international and domestic). More clarity on this would help in further refining the scope, especially considering that many enterprise businesses have their own implementation of supply chain management etc and some form of system-to-system integrations, possible automation to share product catalog data,  possible real-time inventory feeds, and coordinated consumer order life cycles would need to be considered.


5.Our understanding is that “drop-shipping” is the functional model used as the basis for the eCommerce functionality. We would like clarify and work out ways to integrate with the vendors’ existing fulfillment system, if at all. Some examples are amazon marketplace, alibaba.com. There are other approaches like social commerce which allow a way to link products from different stores and share easily without actually purchasing them (eg. wanelo.com, keep.com). More understanding will help.


6.Due to the large scope of the project, it would be useful to know if there is a phasing plan for implementation designed as yet, as well as budget/funding vision.


7.Since we assume, such an initiative hasn’t been undertaken in ‘UAE as yet, we would like to know more about state of online access and services there (eg online payment gateways, banks access, credit card usage, mobile vs desktop exposure etc.)


A few specific questions based on the plan and designs provided:

1.Is mobile app development to be considered in scope of the business plan at any point? If not apps, any form of mobile accessibility/penetration?

2.Are we considering dual language access (Arabic/English)? Due to the orientation differences, this is important to know.

3.Is collection similar to tagging (non-hierarchical) or categories (hierarchical)?

4.What form of store memberships is to be planned for (i.e. fixed price per store per month, different membership level)?

5.What tools/promotions will store owners have to promote their stores or their products?

6.How will store owners get paid after a sale? How will issues like delays, returns, disputes be handled?

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