What strategies do you use when you edit and revise?


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  • Editing and Revising
  • Questioning
  • Looking back


1.Discussion : Editing and Revising 

Editing and revising is the crux of this course. It is detailed, complex, and hard work.Describe your revision process to your classmates.What strategies do you use when you edit and revise?Did you revise your essay in one session or did you spread it out over multiple revision sessions?Did you find yourself lowering your standards if you found significant problems or admit you needed to throw some of it away and rewrite a section of it?


2.Discussion  : Questioning

What have you learned by writing this paper? What knowledge have you gained?   Discuss with your classmates what you learned about the topic you selected, and if your views or argument changed based upon your research.

3.Discussion : Looking back

Compare your current paper with your first draft. What are the most obvious changes/improvements? List at least two!


4.Discussion : If I had to do it over again

Hindsight is always 20/20. If you were starting over again with this research paper, you would: ??


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