What is the Total Project Expenditure?


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What are the peak usages of each of P and D


Answer the following questions in your report:

1.Provide a table outlining how you allocated the Resources (P1 to P8 and D1 to D7) across the Tasks. What is the minimum number of each resource necessary to ensure that the project is not delayed due to over allocation of resources?

2.From the Network Diagram, note the critical path in red, and list the tasks in order on the critical path. Include a copy of the Network Diagram in your report.

3.What is the finish date for the project?

4.Use the Tracking Gantt Chart to investigate the non-critical activities. The Tracking Gantt groups them and shows the slack time as a blue line at the end of a dependent series.  List each of these activities that have a slack time, and indicate the slack time.  This is the Free Slack Time.  We are not interested in the Total Slack which attributes downstream slack to upstream tasks and can be very deceptive.

5.How much money is spent for activities 1, 5, 8, 12 and 19?

6.What is the total project expenditure?

7.What are the cash flows for each of the one week starting on May 5 and July 14, 2014? (This is somewhat difficult to do in Project 2013 as you have to create a custom report, or calculate it manually from the Gantt Chart.)

8.a) What are the peak usages of each of P and D, and

b) In which weeks do these peaks occur?  We want to know the maximum resources needed for each of P and D, and the exact weeks for each peak usage so that it can be correctly scheduled.


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