What is the Government Role in Market System According to Author?


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This is a critical thinking report. Reasons and evidence are the assurance of good critical thinking.

This report is formed of two sections. First of all, to know the quality of the theory the opposite and supportive reasons have to be assessed. To evaluate the theory the following questions have to be considered. A second part of the report is depended on the first part because the analyzed information has to be discussed. This discussion is both an argumentative and informative. The argumentative discussion does not quarrel rather it is an illuminative argument. In addition, the reader is not the only audience of this report. In fact, this argument has to be represented by a group of people; hence, their ideas have to be expressed and considered. The representation of the argument is significant because it has to be non-manipulative. In general, the structure of argument, discussion of the argument and contribution of the audience are the three main purpose of this critical thinking report.

What was his theory about the market system? What reasons are against his theory? What reasons support this theory?

Analyze the purpose of the author in economic and social perspective of view

What is the government role in the market system according to an author?

What is the result of best economic result according to the author?

Is market system cooperative or individualist acting? The individualist act is self-interest

What is the nature of capitalist?

What is the viewpoint of lower social status people in capitalist society? What is their condition?

Does the author question some of the theory of Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and Joseph Schumpeter to evaluate this theory?

What is the scenario for the future?

To write the report:

Assume some of your audiences are skilled in social science and economic but some are not skilled in those fields what is your teaching technique and strategy? Do you change the way discuss your argument or not?

How do you persuade your audience to follow up the argument? What is the philosophy behind that?

Do you think the strategy is compelling or comprehensive? Or is it authoritative?

Do ask your audience opinion?

As non-master economic and social science audience do you think they generalize their opinion or reflect their cultural and normative perspective of view to answer questions? Is it subjective biases? How about educated one?


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