What is the Effect of Social Networking on Work Output


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  • Overview of the Research Project
  • Research Question
  • Research Method


1. An introduction describing the topic area, why you are interested in it, why it is relevant to others, what potential contribution it will make.

2. A critique of at least five journal articles related to your topic and/or your research method.A summary in a table could be very useful.

3. Give an overview of the research project. Describe what you see is required to investigate it.

4. The research question. This may contain a number of sub-questions.

5. Research Method. A plan of action: what, where, who, why and how.

6. The pilot test run of the method and your reflections on the test run. This test run is usually extremely valuable in assisting you to refine and scope your research question and your method. If you don’t consider a pilot test appropriate, consult with the supervisor.


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