What is Socialization and How We are Affected by It?


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  • What ways you are being socialized?


1)As you consider this discussion this week, think carefully about what socialization is, how we are affected by it, and in what ways you are being socialized.
As a college student, there are many influences on you that direct you in specific as well as latent ways.
There are things like discipline (attending to your courses, reading, getting assignments in on time, getting good grades) as well as the content you study (new sociological perspectives in this class, for instance).
You also have to learn to think in new ways when you are in college and you might consider how this is preparatory for a new career.


2)Observe young children playing, either in your own family or in public settings. Based on the games they play and George Herbert Mead’s theory of the development of the self, can you tell if they are in the play or game stage?



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