What does Perrow mean by the term “normal accident”?


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  • What is a team?
  • List teams you work as part of.


1.What is an “emergent property”?

2.What does Perrow mean by the term “normal accident”?

3.What are two characteristics of normal accidents?

4.What is contingency PLANNING (we talked about this in terms of military decision making and the Ir1-What is an “emergent property”?

5.James Reasons talks about the dangers of the ‘Unrocked Boat’ what does he mean? Is this the same as ‘Drift’?

6.Who was Legasov? (Google is fine)

7.Please explain the tension between safety and productivity or safety and the ‘bottom line’.

8.What is an ACTIVE error?

9.What is a latent error?

10.What is an error chain?…is it always a chain?…is it ever a chain or is that only in hindsight?

11.What is a team?

12.List teams you work as part of.



1.Some of the more complex systems we rely on seem to have been there forever (education, politics,law, medicine)…have they evolved? have they been designed? Engineered?


2.From your knowledge of high school biology – what are the characteristics of living things? “COMPARE and contrast” the above complex systems with living things…


3.List the characteristics of engineered systems


4.List characteristics of a realisational system


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