What communication strategies should be used when dealing with a difficult, angry or upset client

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What 6 steps can workers undertake to resolve a conflict?


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Task 1: Facilitate a work group discussion-based activity

This is a practical task that will allow students to demonstrate knowledge and skills in:

  • Contributing to the development of effective communication strategies
  • Facilitating group discussion
  • Facilitating work group interaction
  • Produce quality written materials
  • Represent the organisation to a range of groups


1. Plan

A written plan for the discussion that includes:

a.Objectives for the group

b.An appropriate agenda including the structure for the group ( this must be attached)


2.Prepare appropriate written material 

Students need to develop resources and information for group members to facilitate their participation and discussion (e.g. handouts, key /trigger questions, preparatory reading)

The resources must demonstrate relevant research, be clearly organised and logically presented.

The writing must be concise and clear and presented in a logical way to match audience needs and the purpose of the document.

All written documentation produced must address the organisation’s guidelines and current accepted standards.


3.Facilitate a discussion activity for a work group

Use the following skills in the discussion:

a.Acknowledging individuals

b.Encouraging participation

c.Identifying priorities

d.Remaining focused

e.Managing time

f.Identifying key issues



Student’s need to complete an evaluation that addresses:

a.The strategies used to enhance the effectiveness of the group

b.The strategies used to promote participation

c.The communication barriers present and how they were addressed

d.The strategies used to seek feedback from the participants

e.The participants feedback

f.The facilitation strengths and weaknesses

g.The strategies the student will use to develop their facilitation skills


Task 2

This task allows students to demonstrate knowledge and skills in:

  • Producing quality written materials
  • Using specific communications to assist in resolving conflict

1.Managing Conflict

Use the learning resources to answer the following questions:

a.What are three reasons why conflict occurs?

b.What individual differences can lead to conflict?

c.How can you recognise when a conflict is occurring?

d.Who should be involved in resolving a conflict?

e.What communications strategies are effective when dealing with conflict?

f.What communication strategies should be used when dealing with a difficult, angry or upset client?

g.What 6 steps can workers undertake to resolve a conflict?

h.What strategies can workers use to minimise conflict with clients, colleagues and others?

i.What are some principles of effective negotiation?


2.Produce quality presentations

a.What principles do workers need to be guided by when using Plain English in a document?

b.What is the difference between fact and opinion and how should they dealt with in professional writing?

c.What are 6 principles to apply to ensure that your writing avoids discriminatory language?

d.Identify 6 types of reports written in community services.

e.What questions should you ask before you write a report?

f.What guidelines should you follow when writing reports?



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