What Challenges did This Person or group of People Face in being Part of the American Nation?


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What role did race play for this person in being an American?


Write an essay about on following questions:

Q)What did it mean to be an American in last part of the nineteenth century and early part of the twentieth?What was the “promise” of America for (insert your person/people here)?Did America fulfill its promise for this person group?


The key to this essay is to address these questions-questions that still haunts us today through your analysis of two distinct cast studies,and is no doing,illustrate the historic currents of thought,changes,challenges,and dreams that made “being American”in period from 1865-1900


Use the following sub-questions to ignite your analysis:

  • What challenges did this person or group of people face in being part of the American nation? How did they confront these challenges?


  • If this person was a reformer or politician. what kind of American nation did they envision? To him or her, what should America be? How did they work to make that happen?


  • What role did race play for this person in being an American?
  • What role did gender play for this person in being an American?
  • What role did class position (wealthy, middle class, or poor) play?


Case Studies:

For your two case studies, you can choose an individual, like Jane Addams or Andrew Carnegie. You could choose a group, like “female immigrant labourers” or Sioux Indians. You could pick your two case studies from different periods (Reconstruction, Western Expansion, the Gilded Age and/or Progressive Era) so that you can compare  and contrast: or you could pick two people from the same period who held contrasting social positions/points of view.


You are allowed to choose someone whom you have written about in a PDA Essay. However, if you cut and paste work you have already turned in to me, it will negatively affect your grade. But on the other hand if you build on work you have done, if you improve and enrich it through further reading and deeper analysis, that will very Positively affect your grade.


The answer(s) to these questions will vary depending on whom you choose, and you havem many choices, including but not limited to:

  • Newly freed African American from the post-Civil War South
  • Tejana/o ranchero or a Texas Ranger from the U.S.-Mexico borderlands in the late 19th century
  • Eastern European immigrants working in industrial cities like New York, such as the young women who worked in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
  • White middle-class women suffragists and reformers like Jane Addams and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
  • Wealthy industrialists like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller
  • Sioux Indian Ghost Dancers
  • Chinese prostitutes
  • Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce
  • An Indian child attending, an Indian school in order to be “civilised”


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