What can you do to ensure that the values,beliefs,custom and abilities of the group members are valued and respected?

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What stages do groups go through in their development?


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Case study

You are a worker at the Whitford Community Centre. The centre is based in a large housing estate on the fringe of a major city. The area has only been established for a relatively short time. A significant number of the residents have very low incomes or are in receipt of Centrelink benefits.

The centre has focused its efforts on lobbying the local council and the state government for resources and an improved infrastructure (public transport, parks, shopping centres, and so on). Workers have also provided a crisis welfare service to people living on the estate.

At the last staff planning day, a number of workers stated concerns about the amount of people they have seen who expressed feeling lonely and isolated. The theme of what workers were saying seemed to be that refugees, people who can’t afford to live closer to the city and people who are in Department of Housing accommodation, make up the bulk of people who live in this area. Most residents do not have family living nearby and the vast majority do not appear to have made many friends. Many of the residents are either young mothers or older women who are divorced or widowed. A lot of these women expressed feeling scared and alienated from the community.

At the planning day, meeting staff decided to run a group for women living on the estate.


1.What would be the purpose (goal) of this group?

2.What rules could be discussed when establishing a group contract?

3.How could workers establish a relationship with the group?

4.What resources would you need to run this group?

5.How would you make sure that there were enough resources available to run this group? What would you do if your agency couldn’t supply the necessary resources for the group?

6.How would you promote the group?

7.When planning group activities, what do you need to take into consideration? Why?



1.How can you manage potential conflict in this group?

2.What can you do to ensure that the values, beliefs, customs and abilities of the group members are valued and respected?

3.What stages do groups go through in their development?

4.What would you like to evaluate in this group?  Discuss your responses in terms of why we evaluate groups.

5.Draw up an evaluation form for this group incorporating the ideas you have developed in the previous question.



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