What can be Done in Future to Address Issues?


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How are they affected and what are their responses?


You will discuss and develop strategies to effectively address an event issue of your choice. You should choose an existing, organised event that has either already has taken place or will take place in the near future. You may choose any type of event (e.g. cultural, sporting, MICE) and any type of issue. Once you have decided on a topic, see your tutor for approval. You will be demonstrating your understanding of contemporary event issues by applying current academic and media discourse. This assignment should be written in essay form and  must be submitted via Turnitin on AUTonline.

The essay should be divided into two main parts: A critical discussion on

1) What has been done to address the issue (i.e., the responses of all relevant stakeholders and regulatory bodies are critically reviewed); and

2) What else could have been done/can be done in the future to address the issue? (i.e., your own opinion based on a review of academic research, industry discourse, media references and other resources).

Recommendations should be realistic and verified through references (e.g. comparison to similar events). Relevant journal articles and academic texts need to be reviewed, included and critically discussed. Written work and professional presentation will be assessed as well as APA referencing.

At any time in your essay you should refer to the following:

Stakeholders and regulatory bodies

1)Who are the main stakeholders and what are their roles and their views?

2)How are they affected and what are their responses?

Event impacts

1)How does the issue impact on the stakeholders? What kind of impact can be observed (socio-cultural, economic, environmental, and political) and why?

Event Legacies

1)What could be a potential legacy of your chosen event and why?


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