What Benefits Do Flexible Unit-load Materials Have in Contrast to Rigid Containers?


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In terms of basic handling, what is the role of a unit load?


Study Questions

1.What benefits do flexible unit-load materials have in contrast to rigid containers?

2.What trade-offs are involved in the use of returnable equipment?

3.In terms of basic handling, what is the role of a unit load?

4.Why have automated handling systems failed to meet their expected potential?

Challenge Questions

1.In the Diapers.com illustration, robots were being utilized to move and position racks of merchandise to the location of order pickers. What, if anything, concerns you about this concept? What in your judgment is necessary to render this deployment of robotics a significant breakthrough? The Diapers.com business model is e-commerce. Would your reactions be the same if the distribution center was replenishing retail stores?


Identify (circle) TRUE/FALSE choice that best completes the statement or answers the following:

1. One objective of package design is to provide absolute product protection.


2. Minimizing of cube is more important for lightweight products than it is for heavy products.


3. The basic objective of unitization is to reduce the total weight of shipments.


4. An advantage of rigid containers over flexible containers is that rigid containers provide complete product enclosure.


5. The primary advantage of a slip sheets over a pallet is lower cost and weight.


6. An advantage of flexible unitization over rigid unitization is that flexible unitization does not require extra stability during handling or transportation.


7. Semi-automated material handling systems generally have a higher labor cost percentage than mechanized systems.


8. An advantage of automated systems is that the higher the degree of automation, the greater the flexibility.


9. AS/RS systems attempt to provide maximum storage density per square foot of floor space in a warehouse.


10. One problem in an E-fulfillment warehousing environment arises from the required flexibility in operations.


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