What are the Three Processes Employed by the Kidney in the Production of Urine?


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What is the term used for Kidney failure?



1.What are the four parts that make up the urinary system?


2.What are the two main functions of the kidneys?


3.How do the kidneys maintain fluid balance in the body?


4.How many kidneys are there in the body and where are they situated?


5.What is the name of the capsule covering the kidney?


6.Where are the adrenal glands attached?


7.Where does urine collect before passing down the ureters?


8.Give a brief outline to the kidney nephrons.


9.What are the three processes employed by the kidney in the production of urine?


10.What process controls the secretion of urine?


11.Where is the bladder situated in the body?


12.Give a brief outline to the process of urination.


13.What is the main function of the bladder?


14.What substances does urine consist of?


15. What is the condition Cystitis?


16. Explain how antidiuretic hormone (ADH) controls the amount of water removed from the body. In very hot, dry conditions (low humidity), a person can drink large amounts of fluid, but still excrete small quantities of hypertonic urine – why is this?


17. What is the term used for Kidney failure?


18. Explain what is meant by incontinence and its causes.

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