Using the job Analysis that You have Selected, Write a Job Description for the Assistant Manager Position


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Develop a compensation plan for the assistant manager position.


For this activity you will write a report based on the situation below. You may use any resources at your disposal.

Situation: Your team plans to open Rowdy’s Sports Complex—an athletic training center—between Amarillo and Canyon. Your facility will feature basketball courts, batting cages, and an indoor soccer arena. In addition, you will have softball fields and a large field that will be used for football and soccer. Your facility will host competitive league play and will also be used for training camps for middle school and high school athletes. You have invested much time, money, and effort into preparing for the opening of your facility. Someone from your team will act as the general manager. You are still in the process of hiring individuals to staff the concessions area and the pro shop. You decide to hire two assistant managers to help with the duties of running the daily operations of the facility.

Your assignment is to create a job posting for the assistant manager position. Before you can post the openings for the assistant manager positions, you must create a job description and a set of job specifications for the position. As explained on p. 222of the textbook, “Job descriptions and job specifications are two of the most important results of a job analysis.” In order to create your job description and set of job specifications you must first perform a job analysis. Performing a job analysis can be extremely time-consuming. Luckily, this part of your job has already been done for you. The U.S. Department of Labor maintains the Occupational Informational Network (O*NET), which contains job analyses for hundreds of jobs. The O*NET database can found at

1. Find a job analysis in the O*NET database that best fits the job for which you are hiring. Provide the O*NET SOC Code for this job and explain why you think that this is the most appropriate job analysis to use in this scenario. You may combine multiple job analyses if you believe it is necessary to do so.

2. Using the job analysis that you have selected, write a job description for the assistant manager position. As explained in the textbook, your job analysis needs to be accurate as possible. See Exhibit 11.3 for an example of a job description.

3. Create a job posting that you will post on your website. The job posting should fit onto a single page (i.e., a .doc or .pdf page) and should be written such that it will generate a large pool of qualified applicants.

4. You must have a plan for paying the assistant managers. Develop a compensation plan for the assistant manager position. This plan should include details about their pay, hours, exempt/non-exempt status, benefits, etc. This plan should be realistic and should align with your answer to question 1 from this assignment.

5. Remember that you may include tables, exhibits, and/or appendices in your assignment.

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