Using the information given, write a memo to employees announcing the retreat

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There are two activities to choose from: a memo and a letter. Choose only one activity for evaluation

MGMT 1201

Activity#1:  Interoffice Memo

As the president of a small printing operation employing 25 workers, you need to communicate to your employees the details of an upcoming retreat.  On Friday, June 7, your print shop employees will join you at an expense-paid, one-day retreat that you hope will improve teamwork and motivation in your shop.  The retreat will be led by Wilderness Retreats, which offers companies outdoor team training designed to build employee trust, teamwork, and loyalty.  Employees will meet at work at 8 a.m., and a Wilderness Retreat’s van will pick them up and take themto a nearby provincial park.  Employees will spend the day on team-building activities, including a map-reading exercise that will require employee teams to find their way through a wooded area to a “home base.”  The retreat will provide a catered picnic lunch and time for socializing.  The group will return to work by 4 p.m. Since the print shop will be closed during the retreat, you consider the retreat a workday and expect all employees to attend.  Employees should dress casually as they will be outside most of the day.



  • Using the information given, write a memo to employees announcing the retreat.


  • Ensure your memo has all the necessary formatting components (To, From, Date, Subject)


Activity #2:  Business Letter

As the owner of Town & Country Landscaping, you must refuse the following request.  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Alexander have asked that you replace the landscaping of the home they recently purchased in Regina.  You had landscaped that home nearly a year ago for the former owner, Mrs. Hunter, installing a sod lawn and many shrubs, trees, and flowers.  It looked beautiful when you finished, but six months later, Mrs. Hunter sold the property and moved to Saskatoon.  Four months elapsed before the new owners moved in.  After four months of neglect and a very hot summer, the newly installed landscaping suffered.


You guarantee all your work and normally would replace any plants that do not survive.  Under these circumstances, however, you do not feel justified in making any refund because your guarantee necessarily presumes proper maintenance on the part of the property owner.  Moreover, your guarantee is made only to the individual who contracted with you—not to subsequent owners.  You would like to retain the goodwill of the new owners.  Also, since this is a newly developed neighborhood, you hope to attract additional work here.  On the other hand, you cannot afford to replace the materials invested in this job.  You believe that the lawn could probably be rejuvenated with deep watering and fertilizing.



  • Using the information given, write to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Alexander, 3318 Clearview Drive, Regina, SK S4R 7W4 refusing their claim.


  • Use proper business letter format for this assignment.





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