The Impact of the Trade Union Activities on Organization Performance


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E-Business and its related content


Report Letter of Transmittal, Executive Summary and Introduction

Your report should include a letter of transmittal, executive summary, and introduction to the report.


Report Section 1 – E-Business and Mobile Business

How can the business move from mail order to being an online presence?

  • What are the benefits and challenges that the business should be aware of before becoming an e-business?


  • What are the characteristics of Web / Business 2.0? How should the business address these characteristics when setting themselves up as an e-business?


  • Which type(s) of e-business model(s) should the business be considering implementing?Why?


  • What type of e-commerce tools should the business consider utilising to connect and communicate with their customers? Why?


  • What tools should the business use to measure their e-business success?


  • Should the business also consider implementing m-business? What are the benefits and challenges Dr Vivien “Viv” Aldi will need to be aware of?


Report Section 2 – Hardware, Software and Networking Infrastructure

What type of hardware and software, including networking infrastructure, should the business acquire to expand their capabilities to meet their new e-business initiative?

  • Develop a computer hardware proposal (including printer(s)) to allow the business to provide up to fifty (50) staff with computer access, including current Australian prices for the equipment. Justify why this hardware is necessary for the business.


  • Develop a computer software proposal, including both system and application software, to support the proposed computer hardware proposal, including Australian prices for the software. Justify why this software is necessary for the business.


  • Develop a networking and communications proposal, including a suggested network architecture, topology and communication medium to support the proposed computer hardware and software proposal. Justify why this networking infrastructure has been chosen for the business.


  • Include a diagram of the proposed hardware and network infrastructure to help Dr Viv Aldi visualise what you are recommending.


Report Section 3 – Enterprise Architecture

What are the benefits to the business of a solid enterprise architecture?

  • How should the business maintain and secure its information architecture to support its business operations? Propose the steps that the business should follow.


  • Before Dr Vivien “Viv” Aldi acquires the hardware, software and networking infrastructure proposed in part 2, outline the seven (7) primary characteristics of a solid infrastructure architecture he should be aware of and how they may impact on the business.


  • Cloud computing offers an alternative to some of the infrastructure architecture proposed in part 2.

o How could cloud computing be utilised to reduce the acquisition costs for the hardware, software and networking infrastructure to the business?

o What would be the benefits and challenges of these emerging cloud services to the Dr Vivien “Viv” Aldi’s business?


Report Section 4 – Enterprise Resource Planning

What would be the benefits to the business of implementing an enterprise resource planning system?

  • Differentiate between a database management system and an enterprise resource planning system. Why would an enterprise resource planning system be more beneficial to the business than a series of database management systems?


  • What are the core enterprise resource planning system components? Which core components should the business utilise? Why?


  • What are the extended enterprise resource planning system components? Which extended components should the business utilise? Why?


  • What are the considerations that the business should make when choosing enterprise resource planning software? Why?


Report Section 5 – Privacy

What privacy issues should the business be aware of when embarking on an online presence?

  • What Australian laws should Dr Vivien “Viv” Aldi be aware of regarding privacy? How do these laws affect how the business collects and uses information collected from its customers?


  • How should the business communicate its commitment to the privacy of customers? Provide two (2) examples of how similar businesses achieve this communication of commitment to customer privacy.


  • As the business’s potential client base is international, what other global information privacy issues should Dr Vivien “Viv” Aldi be aware of?


Report: Conclusions and Recommendations to the Business

Your report should include separate conclusions and recommendations sections.

  • Conclusions provide a summary of your key findings from the body of the report.


  • Recommendations provide a summary of the recommendations to the business based on the research conducted in the report.


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