The identified problem for the information system project and project approval

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Explanation of details in the cost/benefit analysis


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The tasks 

You are assumed to have been appointed as a systems analyst right after you completed your study. For the purpose of assessment 1, you recently commence a system development project. Your role is to analyse the Project Case Study supplied to you, identify critical elements, undertake the tasks and develop a reporting document about systems analysis.

For your tasks, you are expected to document the tasks within the project in a reporting document. In your reporting document, for each task (enriching graphical diagrams are welcome) you explain:

  • What you see as the identified problem and how you seek approval,
  • What you see as two possible approaches to develop the system and your selected approach towards system development,
  • What you will plan as your project work breakdown structure and timeline. Show you project work breakdown structure and schedule as a Gantt Chart;
  • Show in an Excel spread sheet your 5-year cost and benefit analysis.


Your system development project documentation is a reporting document set within the following structure, layout, format and details.


The Written Assessment

You will produce the reporting document that aims to inform the management about your systems analysis results of the system development project for submission. In the reporting document, you have to adhere to the following presentation workings, structure and contents. For submission, each student has to prepare the reporting document as a MS Word file, Cost/Benefit Analysis spreadsheet as an Excel file, an MS Project file with a work breakdown structure and a Gantt Chart showing a timeline for the information system project.


Reporting Document Layout

As in a separate template file “COIT11226Assessment1TemplateFile” (in MS Word) provided to you, the reporting document for the ‘Systems Development Project’ has been organised using the following headings and guidelines. Please observe the word count in each section when developing your reporting document:


Introduction (Provided in template file)

  • It clearly defines the aims of the reporting document and identifies the project objectives.


The identified problem for the information system project and project approval


Two (2) possible approaches towards system development and justifications for the selected approach (1)

  • Start discussing each approach in a new sub-section


The timeline of the information system project (work breakdown structure and Gantt Chart and their explanations)


The 5-Year cost/benefit analysis


Reflections and Conclusions

  • Present your reflections about this project (e.g. achievement and constraints). The conclusions are a summary of your findings.



Title cover page

  • for all above needed information clearly produced



  • aims of reporting document clearly defined
  • covered contents in the reporting document clearly explained


Identified Problem and Project Approval 

  • Identified Problem
  • Project Approval


Possible approaches towards system development 

  • Two possible approaches
  • Justifications for the selected approach


Project timeline of the information system project 

  • Work breakdown structure and the explanation
  • Gantt chart and the explanation


5-year cost/benefit analysis 

  •  An Excel spread sheet for 5-year cost/benefit analysis
  •  Explanation of details in the cost/benefit analysis


Reflections and Conclusions 

  • Reflections of achievable outcomes and constraints
  • Summary of findings

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