The Future of My Branch of Aviation Industry


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The Future of Aeronautical engineering


Topic: The Future of My Branch of Aviation Industry

Now that you have reached a stage of selection of your career and learnt to make resume as well as tips for interview, let’s have a look at the future of the industry or branch of industry that you have selected. For example, pilots will have a look at the future of airlines in the region, Aviation engineers will study the future of technical improvements in the aircraft etc.

It’s certain that all of you will not be able to take up the pilot jobs. Others will have to take engineering, management, operations, navigation, meteorology, airport radar services, regulatory bodies of aviation, training etc. There could be a host of such branches from which you could select one for yourself. Let’s do that now.

Having selected the branch you want to serve, look at the future of that activity, improvement in its equipment and procedures and your role in it. Now you should be armed to write an essay on the future of the aviation branch that you have selected to serve as your career.


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