Telecommunications Infrastructure and Marketplace in New Zealand


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  • Radio and Television broadcast providers
  • The internet and internet service provision


This assignment related with telecommunications infrastructure and marketplace in New Zealand.

The following assignment is an independent inquiry exercise.  You are expected to carry out your own research and investigation of the material.  The topics are related to topics we discuss in class but are not a simple restating of materials from class.  Before you write the essay you will need to understand the technologies, how they are used, and most importantly why they can be used for business or community benefits.

Write an essay that describes and analyses the telecommunications infrastructure and marketplace in New Zealand.  This should include but is not restricted to:

  • The telephone system and major providers
  • Radio and Television broadcast providers
  • The internet and internet service provision
  • Telecommunications Service Obligations (TSO)
  • The government UFB rollout and rural broadband initiative (RBI)

These topics are converging and are closely interrelated in the emerging broadband economy.

Your challenge is to write an informative essay that:

1.Uses plain language to explain what each of each of the telecommunications topics above involves (don’t just dump a technical description – I can get that from Wikipedia),

2.discusses the potential business benefits that each topic represents,

3.examines how theses technologies are converging and what the implications of that convergence might be for business and society,

4.provides examples of products and services that implement these technologies that could work in a New Zealand context and,

5.discusses potential privacy, security and organisational risks that users of these services might need to be aware of.

This essay needs to use language and examples that a non-technical, business-focused audience can relate to.

To do this you will need to:

1.Explore and review a cross section of IS literature and technical resources to learn about these topics. Avoid technical jargon and advertising materials; your discussion should be technically agnostic by focusing on benefits and outcomes rather that cataloguing product features.

2.Have an opinion. Describe the potential benefits but also look at the potential negative consequences of these technologies.

You should present your ideas in the form of a logical, informative, and coherent discussion.


A possible format for this type of paper is: Describes the technology platforms from a national and a consumer perspective, present examples of how they would be used, offer and opinion or discussion about their current state and the possible future, summarise your points and offer a recommendation.  Recommendations could be to consumers or to policy makers.


Where necessary, you should provide authoritative support in the form of correct referencing.  In text APA style is expected as the faculty standard.  Limited use of footnotes is also fine, especially for clarifying technical material and terms.


You should assume your audience is intelligent but not trained in information systems topics.  Use clear language that takes the reader with you.  Tip.  I use my family doctor as an example; she can explain complex medical topics to me without confusing me, and so I should be able to explain information systems topics to her in clear language without insulting her intelligence.


You should seek multiple sources of information.  For example, if you find an interesting point in Wikipedia or an industry white paper you should check its authority and understand the biases that may influence its author.  Relying solely on Wikipedia (or any other encyclopaedia for that matter) is not regarded as good scholarship.  Highly ranked peer reviewed sources have much more academic credibility.


You are writing an essay that displays your critical thinking skills, not doing a piece of journalism.  You will need to understand the ideas and make sure your discussion flows sensibly from one idea to the next and leads to a logical conclusion.  Make sure you show how your own thinking has developed and how the ideas you think are important and should come through in your writing.

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