Strategy management Case Study(WESTWARD HILTON)


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Vision, Mission and Culture of the organization

Strategy Identification and Discussion


Hospitality Strategic Management

1. Demonstrate an ability to think strategically
2. Identify key elements of strategic management theory and practice
3. Evaluate strategic vision and mission statements for hospitality organizations
4. Analyze the external and industry environment for an organization in the hospitality industry
5. Evaluate a range of strategic choices and their expected outcomes
6. Assess strategy implementation and change management practices

1. Introduction
• Introduction to the report
• Brief Introduction to the organization


2. Vision, Mission and Culture of the organization
• Identify the key components of the organization’s mission and provide an analysis of the identified principles and beliefs in relation to the organization’s vision.
• Characterize its culture and discuss how it relates to the traits of a healthy culture, also noting whether it is matched to their strategy.


3. Strategy identification and discussion:
• Identify the corporate level strategy of the organization and discuss the benefits of this strategy.
• Identify which generic business level strategy the organization is pursuing and discuss the key elements of this strategy. Use examples from the case study to support your argument.


4. Industry Analysis:

• Using ‘Porters Five Forces’ model analyze and discuss the competitive factors influencing the organization.
i. Discuss the influences within each force to justify and determine the balance of power for each force.

ii. Evaluate the overall competitiveness of the industry.

• Identify where the organization would be positioned and identify and discuss the situation by showing a comparison in a strategic group map or other similar diagram.


5. Analysis of organizational competencies:
• Identify and discuss the core/distinctive competencies (Key success factors) that the management of the organization has tried to build.
• Discuss how the organization is building value into its product and service offering.


6. Conclusion
• Provide a brief summary of the presented information to explain how the organization has been successful.
• What recommendations would you make to the CEO of the organization to ensure it is successful in the future?


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