Strategic Planning and Organizational Development for Healthcare


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  • Consideration of customers and continuity of care
  • Consideration of value concerns, revenue sources, and cost


Prepare an analysis for Dr. Green that demonstrates your consideration of your practice’s current capabilities with regard to 1) adopting a concierge care business model or 2) expanding the existing practice. (Feel free to look at sample SWOT or Porter’s Five Forces Framework templates for ideas, but do not use a template because some applications may not be able to “read” the template you select.)

It is important to note that there are no completely right or wrong answers for this Assignment. In the end, the physicians will make the final decision, but they are looking to you to evaluate the situation from a business perspective, to have asked the right questions and to do the legwork.

Your submission will be graded based on your clear demonstration that the following have been considered:

• Competition

• Customers (mix, customer demand)

• Continuity of care

• Value

• Sources of revenue

• Costs (including marketing, technology, payroll, office fit-out)

• Staffing needs (propose specific roles and responsibilities)

• Ethical concerns


Finally, in a concise summary paragraph or two, present your recommendation to your employers. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the status quo versus moving to a concierge care model? Does a hybrid model make sense? If so, how would you structure it, and why do you think it is the desired option?


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