Strategic Management Analysis for New World Limited


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External environment analysis

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You are to:

1. Pick a company or organisation, either New Zealand or international.

2.Undertake a strategic analysis of the company to determine the current situation.

3.Develop a strategy for the company to provide direction and details about how it should proceed.


Your report must:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the company’s internal and external environment.
  • Develop a strategy for the future direction of the company.
  • Include a details about how it should implement the strategy.
  • Determine how the performance of the strategy will be assessed.


The report must demonstrate comprehension of the whole strategic management topic. Therefore, whatever you choose you must make reference to strategic management models, frameworks, concepts and terminology that you have encountered in workshops and self- learning, and from directed material and independent research.


This must be combined with industry material and data to provide sound argument, rationale, and decisions, ultimately leading to useful recommendations that your report will produce.


Learning outcome(s) addressed:

1. Analyse the internal and external environments within which an organisation operates.

2. Investigate factors the influence the effectiveness of strategy formulation.

3. Investigate factors the influence the effectiveness of strategy implementation.

4. Evaluate strategic performance and control systems.


Executive summary:

  • A useful summary of the entire report
  • Covers the essence of the aims, objectives, findings and main recommendations.


  • Provides an overview of the subject matter of the report
  • Establishes the context of the report
  • Includes a statement about the change, problem or issue that needs investigating
  • Terms of reference or scope of the report
  • Defines the objectives of the report
  • Sets readers expectations
  • States any limitations or assumptions


  • Analyses the situation using theoretical and practical concepts
  • Uses evidence to back claims
  • Is logical and creates sound argument
  • Major topics identified
  • Develops the main issues/themes


  • Summarises the key findings – the key issues or problems in the situation
  • Grounded in the present situation
  • Listed as numbered points in order of importance
  • Relate directly to the objectives of the report


  • Details the course of action that should be followed
  • Recommendations flow from findings
  • Action oriented & focus on the future
  • Are specific, realistic and achievable




Before you consider the argument of a reading, you should build up a background picture of the reading.

  • Who is the author?
  • What type of source is this?
  • Who is the audience?
  • When was it written?



Getting the ‘big picture’ of the reading is essential so that you can see how all the pieces fit together.

  • What is the main claim of the reading?
  • What are the implications of the claim?
  • How is the reading structured?



It is essential to consider the quality of the evidence in the reading, as this directly relates to the usefulness of the reading.

  • Is the evidence fact, research, opinion, or personal experience?
  • Is the evidence accurate?
  • Is the evidence relevant to the conclusion?
  • Is the theory appropriate for this topic?



If the reading is based on any kind of research (e.g. a survey, an experiment, a case study) it is important to consider how the research was conducted, as this can affect the validity of the findings reported.

  • Is the research qualitative or quantitative?
  • What was the range / sample size of the research?
  • Is the research falsifiable?
  • Is the research repeatable?
  • Are there better methods?



When reading critically it is important to examine the chain of reasoning used by the author, as any gaps or problems can undermine the validity of the conclusion.

  • Are key terms defined?
  • Does the logic flow?
  • Are there any flaws in the reasoning?



In order to read critically you have to consider whether the argument is appropriately balanced, looking at the issue or problem from relevant perspectives.

  • Do you have questions that are not answered in the reading?
  • Is the reading biassed?
  • What other perspectives are there on this issue?
  • Did the reading present a counter-argument?



  • What does the argument assume?
  • What are the limitations of the theory?


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