Starbucks Supply Chain Management


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Changes in incentive systems

New informational linkages


What is the supply chain Starbucks, who are the suppliers, who are the customers? 
Develop the structure of the end product, how the various customization steps are performed, and where. 
Performance measures used for each link of the supply chain? How often are they measured? Management use of them? Do you see any potential problems with the metrics ? 
 Uncertainties existing in the supply chain? When unexpected events occur, are there mechanisms in place to respond? 
 Ho can you make improvements in any/all of the following:
(i) improvements in operational procedures
(ii) changes in incentive systems
(iii) changes in the relationships with suppliers and customers
(iv) new informational linkages
(v) cross-functional integration
(vi) product line restructuring
(vii) redesign of the supply chain network
(viii) redesign of the product. 


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