Software Engineering: Process and Methods


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Events and Structured Analysis with Data Flow Diagrams

Object Oriented Analysis and Design modelling


EventsandStructuredAnalysiswithDataFlowDiagrams Examine your assignment 1 submissions and, as a group, combine ideas from each member’s case study completed inAssignment1 to form a new case study. Foryournewcasestudy, focus on all the components of your new  system and perform the following structure and object-oriented analysis and design tasks relating to the proposed system for the organisation(club).


A.Extract useful and relevant information about the scope of from the case study and list all possible events to which the system must respond. Create event table entries listing the event, event type, trigger,source, activity/use case,response(s),and destination(s).

An example of the layout for your answer is:



B. Use all the understanding of the system you have so far from the case background (refer assignment 1), the events list and the draught scope document you prepared inAssignment 1 to construct theContext Diagram for the complete overall system forth organisation(club).


C. In order to develop an appropriateLevel 0 DataFlowDiagram, the list of business events should be examined for possible logical groupings(e.g., which events are closely related?). Logical groupings or associations of events can suggest subsystems or major processes that make up the system for the organisation(club).

Createthe Level 0 DataFlowDiagramfortheorganization(club).


D.Draw Level 1 DataFlowDiagrams(child diagrams)by exploding major processes from your level 0 DFD, one process per group member. Each student should choose a different process from the level 0 DFD and produce a detailed DataFlow analysis on this process.


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