Should Women with Mental Health Illness be Allowed to have Their Children?

Should Women with Mental Health Illness be Allowed to have Their Children?


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Discussion with a psychologist

Discussion with a social worker


Task Description:

You are required to give consideration to an ethical issue that can be explored in depth with TWO people from different discipline backgrounds (from you and from each other). To do this, the ethical issue needs to be framed up as a question that can be posed to others, and then analysed with reference to ethical theory. The first step is to define the ethical issue, reframe it as an ethical question, and explore relevant practice literature. The second step is to identify TWO people who have backgrounds in a professional discipline (eg medicine, law, nursing, education, psychology, social work, criminology, public health, environmental practice), and invite them to participate in a discussion about their responses to this question. The third step is to interview these people (who must be over the age of 18) about their personal and professional responses to the question, including their understanding of how their own discipline's relevant ethical codes would inform practice. The fourth step is to conduct an analysis of each person's position on the question with reference to ethical theory and relevant ethical principles. The final step is to reflect on and articulate your own personal AND professional position (with reference to relevant ethical codes), including any challenges that the question presents for your professional practice. Examples of ethical questions can be found under Assessment on the [email protected] site. NB: As this assignment requires a degree of reflective comment, it should be written in first person.


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