Select a current career issue you would like to investigate

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Relevant theory and material identified and discussed


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To utilise recent career theory and research to understand the changing careers and employment environment, to investigate the key career competencies for 21st-century careers and develop skills that maximize an individual’s effectiveness in his/her future career.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students with an opportunity to investigate a current careers issue or trend (originating in New Zealand and/or overseas) and discuss its implications for careers, individuals, the workforce and/or organisations

From the list below, select a current career issue you would like to investigate. This is an opportunity for an in depth exploration of a topic. Your research should be centered on the New Zealand experience.

• Women in Business/Executive Positions/Boards of Directors

• Automation, Jobs and the Future of Work

• Employability and Future Proofing the Career



Prepare an investigative study on your chosen topic. The study should include the following information:

a) Introduction – What is my topic? What is my research question?

• research question, scope of research/material identified

• general description of issue or trend provided

• structure of essay provided


b) Development – What is the key information about this topic?

• key issues, trends and current debate (if appropriate) identified

• issues/trends supported by relevant theory, statistics, broad-based research and information, examples, conclusions from case studies

• relevance of all material to research question clear


c) Discussion – What does it all mean?

• key findings from the research summarised and discussed

• questions raised and an answer attempted

• potential and/or real implications of issues and trends for individual careers, workforce, current career environment and organisations are identified and discussed

• authors own views on research topic and issues/trends articulated

• research question clearly addressed throughout


d) Conclusion – What does this mean to me and my career/my views?

• effective summing up of study, addressing the research question

• relevance of findings to author’s career or career plans

• sense of completion provided


a) Introduction

• research question identified

• general description of issue or trend provided

• structure of essay provided

• scope of research/material identified


b) Development

• key issues or trends identified,

• relevant theory and material identified and discussed- appropriately broad base considered, a number of references

• accuracy and relevance of theory/material chose to topic,

• depth of development, identification of appropriate issues or debate within the topic


c) Discussion

• questions raised are discussed, answered,

• implications for careers of individual(s), workforce, organizations are considered where relevant

• potential and/or real implications of the issue or trend identified and discussed

• clarity of understanding and analysis demonstrated

• research question clearly addressed throughout


d) Conclusion

• effective summing up of essay

• clear account of topic’s relevance to author’s career

• sense of completion provided

• research question clearly addressed


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