Select a Term in the Contract That is Written in Complicated Legal Language.


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Terms of a Contract


1.Select a term in the contract that is written in complicated legal language. Highlight at least three words or phrases that you don’t understand , research their meaning and provide a definition for each one. Please include an example if you think that will help.

2.Proved a plain English ‘translation’ of the term you chose in (i) above or another term. The words you use should be clear to most English speaking adults. Feel free to mace significant changes to the structure or wording and to use everyday language.

3.Print out and highlight six terms. Explain why  you consider the highlighted as a term. You then must classify each term as either a condition or warranty using case law found in Chapter 19 of your textbook. You must include a brief explanation about why you think each one can be classified in this way.


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