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Develop a work breakdown structure



TASK 1.01  Project Journal

Develop and maintain a project journal for this phase of your project with date, summary of activities undertaken, actions completed and actions planned.


TASK 1.02  Draft a problem/opportunity definition


TASK 1.03  Define options to address problem/opportunity

Structure options in a table withpros, cons, risks, expected costs, benefits


TASK 1.04  Write a System Vision statement                                         


TASK 1.05  Write the Objectives for the project                                    


TASK 1.06Write a scope statement– list what is in-scope and what is out of scope     


TASK 1.07 Conduct stakeholder analysis and identify all persons, groups and institutions who may have an interest in the project and the nature of their interest                                                                           


TASK 1.08  Develop a work breakdown structure (WBS)                 

Analyse the project and produce a 1-page Work Breakdown Structure


Task 1.09  Draft an interview agenda for your interview with the CEO, refer to the text and on-line for examples                                    


TASK 1.10 Provide an “AS IS” process using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN)or UML (Unified Modelling Language)


TASK 1.11  Develop a “TO BE” process using BPMN or UML  


Assignment 2          

Using the same case study in Assignment 1 and building upon the work you have already completed you need to undertake the following tasks:


TASK 2.01 Maintain a journal (a project log or diary) for this next Assignment, you should use a table showing details of project activities including date, summary of activities undertaken, actions completed, actions planned and any notes.


TASK 2.02 Write a list of the key functionalities of the system(a functional and non-functional specification)


TASK 2.03 Build a product backlog for the system by decomposing the features into stories (using Agile format “As a …. I want to …. sothat..”) The Product backlog should be in a spreadsheet format                                 


Task 2.04   Compare your As is and To be diagrams to prepare a briefing note for the Organisational change and Training Team regarding the anticipated business impact of the system. You should make recommendations on how these business impacts can be managed


TASK 2.05 From a business perspective categorise the backlog using the MOSCOW requirement prioritisation method (or other similar method – in which case you must name the method and give a reference) and identify the stories that makes your minimum viable product


TASK 2.06 Develop screen designs for two MUST stories created in Task 2.05 and identify any business rules; justify your design


TASK 2.07 Write all acceptance criteria for these two stories to be done


TASK 2.08Write a Job Description for a Business Analyst to be recruited to join your project


TASK 2.09  Presume you have completed a “waterfall method” processes of RFT, evaluation of tenders and selection of a solution. Write the executive summary of the Report to client where you explain the processes undertaken and recommend a preferred supplier

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