Research and Critical Thinking Essay – Judges and the Australian Legal System


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  • Independence in discharge of judicial duties
  • A Critical Analysis of the independent discharge of judicial duties


Research and Critical Thinking Essay

Essay question

Judges and the Australian legal System

The Chief Justice of Victoria, the Honourable Justice Marilyn Warren AC, has observed that, ‘The fundamental job of the judge is to apply the law, and to do so justly and from an independent and objective position, without being influenced by self-interest or the vested interest of others’.

Do you agree or disagree with this observation? Discuss with reference to your own research and provide three examples to illustrate your answer.

The purpose of this assessment item is to develop your skills in research, critical analysis, organizing information and persuasive writing.

You will need to rigorously analyze the question and develop an argument based on research and your own critical thinking.

Sources of legal information:

Primary sources: legislation and case law

main online legal research in Aus: LexisNexis, Westlaw and CCH

  • To find cases online you can also use:
  • FirstPoint via Westlaw
  • Casebase via LexisNexis
  • Westlaw using the ‘Cases’ link
  • LexisNexis using the ‘Cases’ tab
  • legal indices online
  • legalencyclopaedias
  • indices to law reports
  • use current info
  • When accessing legislation, ensure that the statutory provisions you are accessing are the most current versions. Check that you are working with the latest reprint and that no subsequent amendments have been made to the provision since the date of that reprint.
  • When accessing case law, ensure that you locate the cases that are the most recent authority regarding the relevant point of law.


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