Requirements & Design: Detailed Technical Design Template


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  • Project Overview
  • Technical Design Diagram
  • Technical Specifications


1.Project Overview

  • Provide high-level information to help engineers understand the solution being proposed as well as the business reasons supporting the solution.

1.1 Objective

  • Describe the objective of the project (2 to 3 sentences)

1.2 Business Case

  • Provide the business case for the project, including the problem being solved, who/what area is impacted, and the business benefits of the project. (A few sentences will be sufficient).

1.3 Risks

  • Document specific risks that have been identified or that should be considered.

1.4 Scope

  • Delineate specific activities, capabilities, and items that are out of scope for the project.

2.Technical Design Diagram

Provide a diagram that illustrates all new and existing technical resources required for the successful completion of this project. The diagram should include the following:

  • How new infrastructure will be located and how it will connect within existing enterprise infrastructure.
  • Servers, storage, network – assume all are virtual unless there are specific technical issues that are expected to require physical resources.
  • Logical data flow.
  • Critical ancillary equipment or connections where needed.

3. Technical Specifications

Provide detailed technical specifications for required infrastructure as outlined below.

3.1 Hardware

Under the appropriate heading (3.1.1 through 3.1.4 below), list a brief description and function for each hardware that is needed, and include the following information:

  • Operating System
  • Application memory requirements
  • Application CPU requirements
  • Functional characteristics of the application and whether there are any system dependencies
  • Expected application transaction volume

3.2 Software

3.3 Applications

3.4 Databases

List a brief description and function for each database that is needed, and include the following information:

  • Oracle or SQL Server
  • Database version required
  • Memory requirements
  • CPU requirements
  • Amount of storage needed the first 12 months (in GB)
  • Projected annual growth (% or GB)
  • Expected transaction volume
  • Special data preservation requirements
  • Provide technical specification data sheet for the application if available

4.Resource Needs

  • Technical Dependencies
  • Other Dependencies


Enumerate all additional assumptions that will impact the technical design, documentation and cost estimate for this project.

6.Concerns and Issues

Enumerate all additional concerns and issues that may impact the technical design, documentation, or cost estimate for this project

7.Projected Costs

Update the cost estimate prepared for the High-level Technical Design, completed during the Inception phase of the project.  Alternatively, prepare a new cost estimate using Excel.  Include the detailed calculation information on one tab and the summary estimate information on a separate tab.  The spreadsheet should accompany this document (whether electronic or hard copy) in all communications.If the cost estimate is greater than the one prepared during the Inception phase, you may need approval to proceed.


Reflecting on research methods

What were the main steps in your research methods?

a)Did you build some hardware/software as part of your research?

If yes, did you test your hardware/software properly as per the laid out procedures?

b)Did you cooperate/collaborate with any other project group? How?

c)What did you do to get external feedback from (potential) users and others?

d)How did your revise your solution in order to respond to the feedback?

e)What were the main challenges?

How did you address these challenges?

f)What mistakes did you make with respect to your research method?

If you were to start again, how would you modify the method?

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