Regulation of Employment Relations


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  • structure; sources
  • originality and presentation


Essay Topic:

’In recent decades, employment and working life have been transformed. There have been a few winners, but for most people, change has been for the worse.’


The Individual Essay relates to the Course Learning Outcomes because it requires that you demonstrate an understanding of current issues and challenges in the regulation of employment relations.

The Essay will be assessed on criteria relating to:

  • Your understanding of the issues raised by the question
  • Your written expression
  • The structure of your essay,
  • the sources used
  • originality and
  • presentation

Critically evaluate this statement with reference to Australia or another country.

This is an essay question and your answer MUST be in essay format; that is, it must be structured around an argument that answers the question. The essay will be marked according to the Marking Criteria Sheet which is located on your myRMIT course area.

The criteria are:

  • understanding of the question and comprehensiveness;
  • written expression,
  • structure; sources;
  • originality and presentation.

There is no one ’right’ answer to the essay question but it is important that whatever argument or stance you adopt in your essay, you deal with key counterpoints and evidence from the alternative point of

The individual essay relates to the Objectives/Learning Outcomes/Capability Development of the course because it requires that you demonstrate an understanding of key theories and approaches used to explain employment relations; and the way in which employee interests may be represented by trade unions, or by non-union arrangements.


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