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ACE proposal

This assignment is designed to help students transform their own developing art, environment and community skills into a proposed educational experience within a community setting. It seeks to contextualize the ACE (art, environment and community) experience as an active and dynamic undertaking of relevance to settings such as: – school camps, a kindergarten family day, a community festival, an elderly people’s group, a University Open day, a grant proposal for a local school etc.

Students write a proposal for an ACE (art, community and environment) event for a community setting. They use experiences from the unit as a catalyst for choosing a theme, a site, an approach and a designated community group through which an ACE event could be explored. They propose, justify and plan how this event will be delivered using designated environs and surrounds; how the event will engage with place-based and intercultural ways of creating artwork; how post formal art practices, concepts and theories will be explored; and how sustainable and safe art practices will be developed for the ACE event.

This arts-based research project may be submitted as a brochure, poster, mini – book or PowerPoint presentation. The word count is 2000 words equivalent, with the use of images highly encouraged in order to showcase art techniques, artworks and places of interest to the proposal. It is expected that students will draw on personal ACE experiences as well as unit readings, the Australia Curriculum, policy statements of relevance to community engagement, environment, and sustainability and the arts, as well as art and environment websites and community events.

The proposal will encompass the following components 

♦ Rationale for ACE event

Communicated with explicit clarity, draws strongly on relevant research & experience

♦ Aims and Objectives of ACE event

Comprehensive knowledge of ACE approach, combines links to academic literature and other research material

♦ Description of ACE Event : Activities, engagement strategies, driving concepts

Very thoughtful clear description, detailed planning, authentic and highly effective ACE activities

♦ ACE again: Follow-up strategies for the next ACE event

Highly critical and in-depth discussion,

♦ Images


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