Public Health Problem Behavior


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What is the distribution among the population?




The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn the process of developing a case around a public health problem and associated health behaviour, and to help you start the planning process for the Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation Paper. For this first assignment, you will conduct a brief literature review on a public health problem/issue involving a health behaviour requiring intervention. Your paper will provide a brief background of the problem, the health behaviour, and the related determinants cited in the literature. You will also present effective, evidence-based strategies for addressing the problem.

A minimum of five articles that have an intervention focus should be reviewed for parts III and IV. If you cannot find five peer-reviewed articles that describe an intervention focusing on your public health problem then you should contact the instructor to discuss your options.


I.Introduction of the Health Problem & Behavior 

a. Identify the health problem and behaviour within the larger societal context – backed  with appropriate incidence, prevalence, and mortality data (as applicable) for the United States. These data can come from government/non-governmental websites if necessary.

b. Identify and describe known determinants of the health problem, provide data as available (e.g., prevalence of smoking as a risk factor for developing lung cancer).

c. Narrow the health problem to a selected at-risk population (e.g., male smokers over fifty years of age).


II. Research Questions

a.You should identify two research questions on which the public health problem paper will be based. The questions will define the general topic areas and parameters for the scope of the paper. available (e.g., prevalence of smoking as a risk factor for developing lung cancer). fifty years of age). paper will be based. The questions will define the general topic areas and parameters for the scope of the paper.


III. Epidemiological Background 

a. Describe the public health problem in broad terms. Provide prevalence, incidence, and mortality data (as relevant) narrowed to the state and region of interest to you. In essence, what is the problem and what is the distribution among the population?

b. Narrow the health problem to a selected at-risk population justified based on data provided. Clearly identify the target population supported by strong evidence found in the literature.

c. Identify and describe the major known determinants of the public health problem. What are the individual risk factors, risk conditions, social/cultural/environmental/contextual determinants found in the literature?

d. Two – three page summary of current research and interventions addressing the issue (a minimum of five peer-reviewed, intervention focused articles).


IV. Recommendations for Future Health Promotion Programs/Interventions 

a. Generally describe health promotion intervention strategies needed (or that already exist) to address the public health problem. How should this problem be addressed? Prevented? Eliminated?

b. Summarise the current interventions and providing recommendations for health promotion practice. One (1) strategy for each of the levels of the socio-ecological model (McLeroy, 1988) must be identified. Refer to Downs et al. (2010) an example of appropriate strategies related to each level of the ecological model.

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