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How the idea is gonna work


This project is a proposal for a computer concept course. The objective here is to come up with an idea whether it may be a business or some type of invention. Now, idea is already selected; you are to write the proposal to support the concept of the idea by being original, imaginative, thinking outside the box, and being able to explain how it all will work. You are to expand on the idea based on the requirements being provided.

The idea: An internet restaurant with a coffee shop and dining facilities combined. This special type of restaurant will allow customers to order services online, via smartphone w/app, and even go in person to order through one of the six computers being provided on both sides; 6 six computers on coffee shop side and 6 computers on the restaurant side. When customers enter the building, they have the option to go on the cafe side or restaurant side.

All they have to do is approach to any computer, view the menu and make their selection. Once they confirmed their order the computer will print a ticket with a number on it. From there, they can go ahead and be seated and server will call their number. Once the server find the customer(s) post calling their number, their food or goods they ordered will brought to them. Now you are free to tweak or make revisions to the idea and be sure to meet the following requirements for this proposal:

1.Be innovated.

2.Create a flowchart.

3.Describe what’s it gonna do.

4.Name it. (The name will be Cyberspace Cafe ‘N Eatery)

5.Must be a brand new idea (Feel free to add any inputs of the idea I just gave you).

6.Give much as detail about this idea project.

7.Who will benefit? Who can use this form? (Be sure these questions are answered in this proposal)

8.Sketch it out. (See attachments…you can create this based on the design and logo; but be creative; don’t make an exact sketch of it)

9.How the idea is gonna work.


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