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Maram AL said in his initial post

Ioanna said in her initial post


You are working in a tea company called EL AROSA based in Egypt and you are the CEO of the company. You got this post recently and you are trying to do make this company grow.



Initial Post

For the next two weeks of discussion you are asked to consider how change is accomplished in an organisation of your choice. Try to remember a change that was recently introduced; this need not be a big change, nor need it affect many people.For example a new way of working, handling transactions, dealing with customers, flexi time, appraisal systems, bonus scheme, company news letter now delivered by email, changes to health and safety procedures etc.

Any introduction of change is a project even if it is not formally recognised within the organisation as such.

You do not need to do any investigation but you might like to think about:

Where the change originated from

What, if any, communication about the change took place

Consider also the response among the staff/customers/suppliers to the change

Could it have been handled better?

It does not matter if you do not know a great deal about the change. You will have an opinion about the change even if it doesn’t affect you directly and it is interesting to explore what has influenced your opinion.

The learning outcome for this discussion is: Identify the context, linkages and content of project management


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Maram AL said in his initial post

Project management is an effort organized and planned carefully and warned to achieve a successful project, it is a focused effort to reach a certain result, such as the construction of a new building, or a new computer system huge. And project management is planning, organizing, securing and managing multiple sources and overlapping system in the specific time and place to achieve specific goals. And he sought a temporary specific beginning and end, it is usually restricted time and fixed time frame, and a duty for delivery at a specified date and often, as is clear restricted budget. And baptizing the project to reach the aims and objectives completely specified or achieve beneficial change of the institution indirectly or directly through the added value of the output of the project, which has been done. The nature of the interim project stands in contrast with the usual work, which is a repeat of the substantive activities of the Permanent or semi-permanent for the production of products or services required in productivity institution or service, the main challenge for the project management is an accomplished all the goals and purposes of the project in parallel with respect for the typical constraints of time and budget. And management of the project include the development plan, which includes the identification and confirmation of its goals and objectives, and assign tasks and how they will accomplish the goals, and estimate the resources needed to complete the project, and the report of budgets and schedules for completion and implementation of the simultaneous project planner with the organization of the operations control management include for accuracy and reports Performance-related scheme, and the mechanism of repair problems when they occur. The projects usually called stages or its different names such as basic: preliminary study, project plan, implementation, evaluation, and support and maintenance


Reply post 2:

A unique set of coordinated activities, with defined starting and finishing points, undertaken by an individual or organisation to meet specific performance objectives within schedule, cost and performance parameters.BritishStandard 6079.

To illustrate how change within an organisation can be accomplished, I shall use a recent work place example. My current position is a trader for an fx brokerage. Management recently implemented a new way of working, handling transactions and dealing with customers.

The change was orientated to improve quality control and reduce human error. In order to communicate the change to employees, one-on- one meetings were scheduled outlining to staff their new roles and responsibilities. Major changes that were implement included:

  • Increased specialisation
  • Increased transaction reporting
  • Increased emphasis regarding compliance

Generally there was a warm response from members of staff towards the change. The necessity for change was clearly identified; management also clearly illustrated how the change would be achieved. This therefore made the transition easier.

The transition from the ‘old practices’ to ‘new practices’ was immediate. Once the final one-on- one meeting had concluded the changes were implemented. The transition could perhaps have been handled better, for example alternatively incremental steps could have been taken therefore avoiding introducing all changes at once.

Best wishes,



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Emma said in his post names 5C’S :

Considering the 5 C’s in relation to the Environment I thought of another project that has been implemented at my work via the sustainable transport scheme – car share.  “Our sustainable transport initiatives (.pdf) promote schemes and incentives to help our students and staff walk, cycle and use public transport more so as to encourage environmental responsibility” University of Essex, 2015.  Although a relatively small project at ground level in terms of resource implications the real problem has been people and gaining their support/engagement.  This was driven by one main contact but strong communication and advertising with incentives were needed to get involvement from the work community.  I then thought about projects under this umbrella within the community, such as, Tendring District Council.  They introduced a new recycling centre which included local green initiatives such as giving away a certain amount of compost bins and fruit trees to encourage home owners to be adopt a more environmentally friendly approach.

This was a large scale project because it involved introducing a whole new recycling centre which various recycling facilities.  The impact would be financial but also impact on the local area.  It involved careful planning and communication from within the Council but also to the communities for their support and engagement.  The new project created new jobs and other initiatives were borne off from the original idea, such as, the free compost bins and fruit trees.  This shows where one project then developed into a variety of smaller projects. The scheme has worked well and encouraged green thinking.

Ethical standards and environmental issues are now an integral part of many companies strategic mission, for example, Sainsburys has several sustainable targets to reach by 2020 which will all require project management and these values underpin their strategy.  Sainsburys have worked closely with customers for their views on ethical standards “Our customer insight shows that concern for provenance and ethics remains as significant as ever” Sainsburys 2014


I think this shows how customers influence change and also general trends in business.  Has anyone else had projects implemented as a direct environmental/green theme?


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Ioanna said in her initial post

Hi everyone!

Project management is a field of great significance in every contemporary and competitive business organisation. Innovation and progress occur through ideas which are implemented by the practices of project management. Its significance is reinforced by the realisation that it is not restricted by constraints such as the size of the each time organisation, the number of people involved or the estimated benefits’ value. Although certain projects’ features / criteria of course exist, they are of different nature and do not exclude, for instance, small – sized enterprises.

I am an undergraduate intern in a private vehicle inspection center (similar to the MOT test established by the Ministry of Transport in United Kingdom) which is called ‘Kteo Komvos Kifisias Ltd’. The workforce is divided into the secretarial staff, the technicians and four senior managers (well, and me!). Apart from the owner who constitutes the company’s active CEO, the most significant manager is the Technical and Financial Director. His augmented duties, the fact that he is responsible for the most crucial part of the service offered by the organisation and, even more, the fact that he has been the closest associate of the CEO from the first day of the Kteo’s function, have made him really valuable and almost irreplaceable for the company.

As a consequence, when he announced that for personal reasons he had to leave the town, instead of him being fired, there was adopted an online collaborative system which includes and affects the whole workforce. First of all, all the systems were updated in order for the platforms to be constantly accessible to the users from any location, several documents started being circulated electronically and, so, specific forms were designed.


Additionally, specific regulations for online daily cooperation were designed and thoroughly communicated to the members of his Department.

Regards, Ioanna

Summary post 


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