Program Planning,Implementation,and Evaluation:Awareness of Community towards Physical Activity


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What is the health outcome of the intervention?


For this assignment, you will propose a needs assessment, intervention, and associated evaluation plan to address a public health problem of your choice. The intervention should be evidence-based and supported by peer-reviewed literature (as you reviewed for the Public Health Problem Paper). For this paper, you will present your proposed needs assessment (i.e., planning steps), a proposed intervention, and a proposed evaluation plan. It should be divided into a number of sections outlined below (suggested length in parentheses).

A brief  description of the public health problem associated with the chosen behaviour. Include information about your target population, the culture of the target population, and the public health problem you’re addressing. This can be adapted from the Public Health Problem Paper, but should be more succinct.

A brief description  of the chosen behaviour and its association with the public health problem selected. You must choose a public health problem with a behavioural component.

Using PRECEDE-PROCEED, outline the eight phases of the model; program planning (4 phases), implementation (1 phase), and evaluation (3 phases). Address the effect that the culture of the target population will have on your proposed efforts and how you might address this in your program. Be sure to cite empirical evidence to support any statements you make about the cultural elements you introduce.

Program Planning

Social Assessment

  • What steps will be taken to assess the social and community features that could affect the acceptability, feasibility, and fidelity of the intervention?

Epidemiological, Behavioral, and Environmental Assessment

  • Which sources of data will be accessed to provide this assessment? Be specific.
  • Which relevant variables will you compile to inform your intervention?

Educational and Ecological Assessment

  • What are the predisposing, reinforcing, and enabling factors associated with your chosen behaviour that are relevant to your intervention? Support your description with peer-reviewed literature.

Administrative and Policy Assessment

  • What are the relevant policies and procedures that will affect the implementation or effectiveness of your intervention?


  • Describe your intervention in detail. Provide evidence from the peer reviewed literature to support the components of your intervention. The components can come from different interventions, but each must be supported with evidence for effectiveness. This can be adapted from Assignment #2, but should be expanded upon.
  • Describe the necessary components of your intervention, i.e., what must be delivered to ensure full fidelity?
  • Describe how your intervention will be delivered.


  • Process Evaluation

How will you evaluate the implementation of your intervention?


  • Impact Evaluation

How will you evaluate the knowledge, skill, and behaviour changes encouraged by your intervention components?


  • Outcome Evaluation

What is the health outcome of the intervention?

How will it be assessed?

If the health outcome cannot be assessed, describe why.


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