Produce a Plan for a Small Sustainable House


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The Elevation Plan

House Plan view


Produce a plan for a small sustainable house

To satisfy the requirements of this assignment, you must produce a house plan and supporting explanatory documentation to describe a dwelling, suitable for two people in an urban or rural area in Rotorua, that you have designed yourself.  Whilst you may of course incorporate existing design ideas, the overall design must not resemble too closely any published plans – it must be your original thoughts.  You should focus on the house form, function and structure, its orientation and passive solar components, the materials of construction and why your design is a “sustainable structure”.

There are three house plans required – A site plan, a plan view of the house and an elevation.  The plans must include:

  • The site plan:
    • Showing an outline of the house (to scale) and how you would position and orientate the house on your section.  The section is of a type/size of your choosing.
    • Including surrounding features such as access ways, any objects that may cause shading, any contours if it on a slope, features such as vegetable gardens and any other information relevant to the sustainability of your house.
    • Any other relevant external structures eg garage, neighbours buildings, water tanks, etc on the section.
    • Scale of your drawing.


  • A plan view of your house showing:
    • House orientation.
    • The scale you have used (it  must be drawn to scale).
    • Materials of construction.
    • Size and location of all internal and external walls.
    • Roof design and overhangs where relevant.
    • Windows, doors, openings and their dimensions.
    • Positions of major plumbed facilities (eg toilet, bath, shower, sink) etc.
  • 1 elevation plan of the house (label which side of the house it is);
    • To show it in profile.
    • All dimensions should be shown in metres and drawn to scale.
    • Include the ground contour.

The supporting explanatory documents must include:

  • A description of the house (eg single storey, mudbrick, two bedroom etc).
  • The reasons behind your design (refer to all the elements you have drawn above) and what sustainability framework or set of sustainability principles it meets. (eg You could use Green Architecture principles or , The Natural Step conditions for sustainability, or you can choose your own principles).  You must describe how your design meets the sustainability criteria you have chosen.
  • Your supporting documents should be a minimum of 1,000 words.  The actual word count should be included on the front page of your assignment.

It is recognised that you are not architects or engineers, therefore you do not need to provide engineering level detailed structural drawings or compliance details on foundations, joist or stud spacing, wiring, lighting, plumbing, water supply, waste water treatment, etc, but you may do this if it is relevant to your design.


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